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UX Design

Deep thinking about the users’ needs through every click of their journeys, including the edge cases, is a given.

And my wireframes are always fully annotated.  Anything less is not good UX craftsmanship.


While fully annotated wires are sufficient to convey most aspects of a design, sometime nuances need to be shown visually.

InVision is my prototyping BFF. Am happy to dig into your preferred tool (although if you favor Axure, we should talk:).

UX Audits

My audits evaluate all aspects of the UX: presentation, navigation, IA, content, functionality and missed opportunities.

So in addition to showing what I’ll tackle in your redesign, they provide lasting value as a guiding reference.


Often misunderstood, the purpose of personas is to inform DESIGN DECISIONS. It’s not to profile users from a marketing standpoint.

Mine are laser-focused on the users’ mindsets, goals, and needs.

Information Architecture

My site maps don’t merely illustrate the structure of your site or app.

They communicate a great deal more about the ecosystem, play well with other deliverables, and are interactive if necessary.

Process Flow

Great design can’t trump bad processes. Efficient processes are critical to good user experiences.

I love simplifying complex processes and I try to make the process flow deliverables as painless as possible.

Content Strategy

Scouring and analyzing content is tedious. But being intimate with content is necessary for crafting good UX Design.

I happily roll up my sleeves and dig in….deep and wide. Clients are often flabbergasted at how well I know their content.

Data Analysis

Sometimes bad UX is not caused by bad design or bad IA. I can detect when data integrity or the structure of data is the culprit.

And I provide guidance for remedying it, thus enabling the other aspects of UX design to flourish, unimpeded.


Contextual Inquiry is my research method of choice but am happy to utilize other methods if need be.

Competitive research and digging into all aspects of the business are also typical aspects of my process.

Whatever You Need

I was once asked to provide a concept model merely to help a client visualize something abstract and complex. It was so “on the mark” it became a design.

Curious? Check it out.


Years in Practice


F500 Brands


Satisfied Clients

B2B Projects

B2C Projects

Platform / SaaS Projects

Usable, Actionable & Scalable Solutions

Complex problems get me jazzed and I’ve solved many for web sites, SaaS products, mobile interfaces, kiosks, and widgets.  Am looking forward to designing for data visualization, wearables, VR, and AI.

I also have strong analytical skills and am adept at finding “root cause” problems be they design issues, data structure or content issues, process inefficiencies, or any combination thereof.

Noteworthy Personal Characteristics

  • A prior boss commented that I see nuances where others don’t.
  • I have a tireless attention to detail yet the ability to stay focussed on the big picture.
  • I’m highly collaborative, have no ego, and I’m not easily stressed.


For every appetite, and time constraint:)


Wireframes for a mobile app, designed in Sketch.

Small plate-sized

A digest, including my design thinking and process.


The full spectrum
of my work.

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I’m humbled by the praise I’ve received over the years from prior bosses, clients, and colleagues.

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